Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality. What is going on?

Technology buzz.

For some time in the industry of new technologies, start-ups, there is a buzz about VR & AR. What does it actually mean? VR or virtual reality immerse the user in the world entirely rendered by computer using special glasses mounted on the head. AR, or augmented reality is about placing 3D models on real objects, eg. Table, floor. Both virtual reality and augmented reality often is used during the presentation of new, not yet developed the construction of houses, cars, yachts and other products during the design process.

Money, money, money. 

Unfortunately, virtual reality still involves considerable financial expenses. To equip you need special glasses and a PC with good technical parameters. The price of such a set may even exceed $2.500-3.500. The solution is augmented reality, where the tool we need is a smartphone or a tablet which is what most of us have at all times.


Augmented reality has gained great popularity after the release of the game Pokemon Go, in which you had to catch “creatures” shown on the map by hovering camera on them. This application is an excellent example of the use of augmented reality. In this technology is applied to the rendered 3D model of the actual image through the use of the lens in the camera smartphone or tablet.

Pokemon Go. CC:

An example of the application of augmented reality may be our concept for the housing developer sector. You need a sheet of paper with a flat sketch or a visualization. In the application we can see different sizes of flats, styles of finishes, wallless view. We would like to show you more possibilities of applying augmented reality in different industries. Let’s talk about your project.

Mixed Reality


It should also identify a field of MR ( Mixed Reality). It is the application of augmented reality on the lens in the glasses. This technology is still in its early stages of development, but many people think that in 3-4 years, it will be accessible on daily basis.

Augmented reality is interesting because you only need a smartphone equipped with a camera and the application. Currently, the world’s number of active smartphone is more than 2 billion devices, and the forecast is that by 2020 this figure will increase to almost 3 billion! Each user can easily download the application using augmented reality through the shop Google Play or the App Store without unnecessary investment in highly advanced headset or computers.

It’s happening.

Definitely, now we are witnessing the beginning of the popularization of new technologies, which are virtual and augmented reality. It is more than likely that the companies will implement solutions using VR and AR in their products or services.

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Szymon Węsierski

Szymon Węsierski

CEO More Infinity    

Simon built his experience by leading over 100 creative projects. In More Infinity he is responsible for finding business value in implementing augmented reality in our customers’ daily products or services.

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