01. About the company

Dam-Rob S.A. For over 20 years has been specializing in the design and production of specialized storage and transport solutions. Our products are widely used in many branches of industry, both automotive and machinery. The packaging we manufacture protects the transported parts, components and components of cars and machines in the way from the manufacturer to the final recipient.A modern machine park and a large production area enable us to meet the constantly growing expectations of our clients. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to offer our help in the selection and adaptation of the container depending on the individual needs and requirements of the client.



02. The problem.

The Dam-Rob S.A company dynamically increases the production year, up to a year. The strategy thanks to which the machine park will be increased and the innovative machines implemented will provide the company with more and more production possibilities. Dam-Rob S.A more and more bravely wins and executes orders for such brands as Audi, Volvo, Bentley or Volskwagen. We have been responsible for creating the image of the Dam-Rob S.A company, which is to match the existing condition of the company. A company that is winning tenders for the largest automotive concerns in the world. We also wanted to show that the Polish company is able to realize large orders with the highest quality provided by modern technologies and machinery park.


,,Our main goal was to show Dam-Rob S.A as a trusted and technologically advanced partner for cooperation with large automotive companies.
—Szymon Węsierski, Co-founder EFEKT Agency & MoreInfinity


How to increase the chance of winning a multi-million contract?

During the workshops at Dam-Rob S.A., we realized that we need to convince decision-makers in automotive companies that Dam-Rob S.A. will ensure the highest quality of production.


03. Solution

As a result of the conducted workshop in the company Dam-Rob S.A, we decided to make all graphic material consistent, a total rebuilding of the website, which is the main source of information about Dam-Rob S.A. However, we still thought that there might not be enough to inspire the confidence of large car manufactures. We had to be sure that we would display the best values of Dam-Rob S.A. During our hour-long conversations, we knew that the main decision-makers



How to easily show large-scale products for engineers in automotive companies around the world?


Warsztaty przeprowadzone w firmie Dam-Rob S.A. pozwoliły nam przygotować odpowiednią strategię działań.


04. Our approach

We knew that a virtual reality could help visualize Dam-Rob S.A. With the help of specialized googles, the engineer could see all technological solutions. However, during our research, we understood that not all companies are still equipped with virtual reality equipment. Availability is still low, which results in a lack of scale in such a solution. We’ve found another solution that is publicly available. Augmented reality uses our phones, which is something that each of us has in our pocket. Thanks to this, we do not have a problem with the need for expensive and hardly available equipment.

“Thanks to the augmented reality, we are able to give decision makers in car companies access to see Dam-Rob S.A products at any time. Because to use this technology we need a smartphone – something that each of us has in our pocket “

—Dawid Bojahr, Co-founder EFEKT Agency & MoreInfinity


05. Our approach

We have completed work in three areas (Creating a mobile application, website and refreshing graphic materials). We knew that the biggest technological challenge is to provide a stable mobile application available for iOS and Android (99% of the market). We knew that during tenders, large contracts, the first place of contact with potential contracting parties is the internernet site, therefore we would like to show the cooperation process on Dam-Rob S.A line – Koncern Cars and make sure the potential customer has just found the right technology partner for permanent cooperation.



Augmented reality – a tool for cooperation between engineers.

When choosing a partner for cooperation is production technology, machinery park and, of course, the competence of the design team. It is the engineer who is often a decision-maker, which is why we have taken a lot of action to respond to his needs.



Rapid visualization of the prototype without launching production.



Increase sales through modern tools.

See invisible.

Thanks to the Application, Dam-Rob S.A. can show your products in 3D using a mobile application that is available to people around the world.

The ability to see motion.

In the application, we’ve added an animation sequence that shows how the container opens and closes. It is exactly visible how a given element is placed in a container. All this information is crucial for choosing the right partner for cooperation.


Container with or without an element.

If we do not want to see the car part, we can turn it off with a single button to fully focus on a thorough analysis of the container made.

A look into the future.

Our common strategic goal with Dam-Rob S.A. is to provide a situation in which engineers will be able to exchange impressions and implement comments in an easy and quick way, working directly on 3D models in augmented reality, where you will be able to see products in 1: 1 scale.




We have created the short animation that in a few seconds shows what Dam-Rob S.A. does.


Share your experience.

Our goal was to show Dam-Rob S.A as experts in the industry who solve complex engineering problems. We have created a department in which the company describes its approach to project implementation and shares its experience while working for the largest automotive concerns.


Więcej …

Our task was to provide the image of Dam-Rob S.A. as a highly technologically advanced partner.

Good communication between the port and the airport is an additional advantage for international delegations and transport of products.



Our goal was to show Dam-Rob S.A as experts in the industry who solve complex engineering problems. We have created a department in which the company describes its approach to project implementation and shares its experience while working for the largest automotive concerns.


Website: Dam-Rob S.A.


Android App: LINK


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Szymon Węsierski

Szymon Węsierski

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Simon built his experience by leading over 100 creative projects. In More Infinity he is responsible for finding business value in implementing augmented reality in our customers’ daily products or services.

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